Dorottya Ujszaszi

STOTT PILATES® instructor, dancer, choreographer, founder of CONSLA©.

Dotty received her STOTT PILATES® certification in 2007 and has worked in several international cities including Budapest, London, and Paris teaching pilates. She holds a degree in dance from the School of Ballet, Gyor and it is through dance that she first discovered the positive effects of pilates on the body for rehabilitation and injury prevention purposes.

In addition to pilates instruction, Dotty has traveled around the world teaching and performing a unique dance style of her creation called, CONSLA© which is a fusion of salsa, contemporary, and contact dance partnering. By practicing dance, teaching pilates, and familiarizing herself with many different techniques Dotty has discovered the importance of observing the changes within the body through movement. She enjoys teaching best care practices for the body with enjoyable yet challenging Stott Pilates exercises and shares her extensive knowledge and passion for movement with all of her clients.